Tall Girl Problems… These Are Real, People

I was blessed with ridiculously long limbs and like every tall girl out there I hate it when other people ask me how tall I am. It drives me insane. Do not ever ask a tall girl how tall she is because chances are high she’s thinking about punching you in the throat when you do. The last time someone asked me how tall I am I was out of town and in a grocery store I’ve never been in before. He worked for Pepsi (his shirt said so) and was stocking pop on to a shelf. When I walked past him he chased me down. “Excuse me, ma’am. Can I ask how tall you are? Cuz you’re like taller than I am.” *Sigh* The dude was maybe 5’7″. Of course I’m taller than he is. I mean, WTF? Alright, so I didn’t necessarily want to punch him in the throat, but I for sure envisioned kicking him in the shin.

If you see a tall girl please don’t do any of these things:

  • Ask her if she plays or has played basketball.

smdh. Being tall does not make a person athletic or automatically good at basketball.

  • Ask her how tall she is.

This shit gets old and frankly it’s none of your damn business.

  • Tell her she has big or manly hands.

Do I even need to explain this one? I don’t think so.

  • Ask her to sit in the backseat.

Hello! Long limbs don’t fit in small spaces.

  • Do you mind moving to the back?

*sigh* I’m not even going to go there.

Here’s some more things you should know ~

Never Tell A Tall Person That They Are Tall


Please, I am unaware of this fact and I do not want to go into extreme shock when you point out the obvious to me. Please, spare me this.

When You’re Tall Every Hug Is Awkward


This is no lie. My boobs will be in your face, and, admittedly, I have nice boobs but they’re not yours to play with.

No, The Weather Up Here Isn’t Any Different.


Seriously? This shit got old in elementary school. Give it a break already.

Oh, I’m Too Tall To Wear Heels?


Do not tell me what I can and cannot wear. Shut your mouth and enjoy how fabulous these heels make my long ass legs look.

What you should have learned from this :  If you see a tall girl keep your mouth closed and enjoy the view.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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Mary Martel

I'm an author, a wife, a mother of two extremely beautiful girls, a book addict, a lover of mermaids, and so much more.

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