Black as Midnight is up for Preorder!!

The next Ariel Kimber book is finally up for Preorder! May 31st is the set release date.

Click here to preorder it here on Amazon!



Black as Midnight is the next full-length novel in the Ariel Kimber series.


Ariel Kimber has finally settled into her life. Not only does she have a safe place to call home, one she actually loves living at, but she’s got the best roommate a girl could ask for. Oh, and he comes with an adorable little black cat as well.

And that’s not all that’s looking bright and shiny in Ariel’s life.

She’s got a job now, working at Tyson’s shop – Fortune’s for the Unfortunate. Her job is awesome and it’s made even better by the fact she gets to work where her father, Rain Kimber, lives, who is also another bright spot in her life.

Life is golden, shiny, and the potential for happy days – endless.

Until it’s not.

When the Council comes to call, you pick up the phone and answer… Or you suffer the consequences.

Only a fool wouldn’t answer, and Ariel Kimber is no fool.

With her coven of guys, her psychotic father and the honorable Marcus Cole by her side, she can make it through anything… Even the Council.


Ariel Kimber reading order:

Brothers of the Flame

Love Potion

Blood Magic

The Ties That Bind

Tyson (Novella)

Good Witch, Bad Witch (Short Story)

Black as Midnight

Published by

Mary Martel

I'm an author, a wife, a mother of two extremely beautiful girls, a book addict, a lover of mermaids, and so much more.

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