I am an author, a reader, a mother of two beautiful little girls, a lover of mermaids and all things Travis Fimmel. I was born in West Michigan and lived there until my early twenties. Then my husband and I went on an adventure that somehow landed us in North Dakota. Eek!! I know what your thinking ! North Dakota… why??  It’s really not that bad. There’s kind of a cold, naked beauty to all the vast openness. And winter is winter. It would suck almost as much as it does now if I still lived in Michigan. It’s a great place for my family to live. My husband has an awesome job. My kids go to a school that is not overcrowded where they get lost in the mix. I’m a home owner and I love it. Living here has made it so I can stay home and work on my writing all day if I want to. OOhh, and my husband just started talking about maybe putting in an underground swimming pool in the back yard next year. Um, yes please! My life is loud and crazy and I am very, very much in love with it.

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